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10th English Answer key Download PDF [A To J Set]:अंग्रेजी आंसर की यहाँ से देखें आपका कितना हुआ सही

10th English Answer key Download PDF [A To J Set]:अंग्रेजी आंसर की यहाँ से देखें आपका कितना हुआ सही

10th English Answer key Download PDF

दोस्तों बिहार विद्यालय परीक्षा समिति के द्वारा कक्षा दसवीं का परीक्षा शुरू किया गया है 14 फरवरी से लाखों छात्र एवं छात्राएं परीक्षा में शामिल हैं अभी तक कुल तीन विषय का परीक्षा हो चुका है आज आप सभी का अंग्रेजी विषय का परीक्षा हुआ है जो कि यह चौथा विषय है आपका कितना ऑब्जेक्टिव सही हुआ कितना गलत हुआ इस पोस्ट के माध्यम से आप लोग जान सकते हैं क्योंकि इस पोस्ट में आंसर की दिया गया है जहां से कि आप लोग आंसर की को मिला सकते हैं यह आर्टिकल आप सभी के लिए बहुत ही ज्यादा महत्वपूर्ण होने वाला है आशा करते हैं कि आप सभी का परीक्षा बहुत ही अच्छा जा रहा होगा अगले दिन के विषय का आप लोग अच्छे तरीके से तैयारी में लग जाइए।

Q 1. The pace of life was getting too much for the ____
(A) Doctor
(B) Lawyer
(C) Corn merchant
(D) Merchant’s nephew
Ans – (C)

Q.2. You shouldn’t burn those leaves. It’s bad for air, ____
(A) Mr. Williams
(B) Ms. Greene
(C) The narrator
(D) Mr. Johnson
Ans – (C)

Q.3. On the day of his death, Gillu did not ___
(A) Run
(B) Sleep
(C) Eat
(D) Drink
Ans – (A)

Q.4. The truly Indian film should steer clear of_____
(A) Inconsistencies
(B) Imagination
(C) Conroversies
(D) Integrity
Ans – (A)

Q.5. Genuine brotherhood and peace is more precious than _____
(A) Diamond
(B) Metal
(C) Copper
(D) Wealth
Ans – (A)

Q.6. The boy and the girl climb into the ____ bed.
(A) Solied
(B) Flower
(C) Wrm
(D) Wagon
Ans – (D)
10th Model Paper English
Q.7. There can be no culture without ____
(A) Civilization
(B) War
(C) History
(D) Tolerance
Ans – (A)

Q.8. When men started fighting, two girls began to dig a ____
(A) River
(B) Pond
(C) Stream
(D) Ocean
Ans – (D)

Q.9. Mr. William, on seeing Jim, tried to pretend he’s ____
(A) At the hospital
(B) Sleeping
(C) Cooking
(D) Not home
Ans – (D)

Q.10. Gillu had____eyes.
(A) Shining
(B) Dim
(C) Sad
(D) Vacant
Ans – (A)

Q.11. The Indian films posses _____ tools of films-making.
(A) Other
(B) Tertiary
(C) Primary
(D) Secondary
Ans – (C)

Q.12. The ideals of ____ according to Alexander Aris, should never be given up.
(A) Humanism
(B) Poverty
(C) Intellectualism
(D) Agriculture
Ans – (A)
10th Model Paper English
Q.13. The young people in ‘Once Upon a Time’ were unable to hold their _____
(A) Sadness
(B) Laughter
(C) Happiness
(D) Crookedness
Ans – (B)

Q.14. The _____ built up a new civilization.
(A) Harappen
(B) Vedic
(C) Pre-Aryanas
(D) Mohenjo-daro
Ans – (C)

Q.15. The celebration time was ______
(A) Easter
(B) Christmas
(C) Thanksgiving
(D) New Year
Ans – (A)

Q.16. The source of light, according to William Cowper, in the villages in the evening is the ____
(A) Torch
(B) Sun
(C) Bulb
(D) Moonbeam
Ans – (D)

Q.17. A happy man’s days pass ____
(A) Happily
(B) Sadly
(C) Smoothly
(D) Leisurely
Ans – (C)

Q.18. The polythene bag can not be ____
(A) Destroyed
(B) Killed
(C) Loved
(D) Sown
Ans – (A)

Q.19. _____thinks about Krishna all the time.
(A) Sita
(B) Rukmini
(C) Draupadi
(D) Radha
Ans – (D)

Q.20. To gather gold, the rich man tried all ____
(A) Venues
(B) Tricks
(C) Methods
(D) Games
Ans – (B)

Q.21. The porter____ a distance of six miles.
(A) Walks
(B) Runs
(C) Swims
(D) Climbs
Ans – (D)
10th Model Paper English
Q.22. “Speak! Speak ! Why are thy so still ?”
(A) Leaves
(B) Roses
(C) Trees
(D) Garden
Ans – (A)

Q.23. Martha had ___ eyes.
(A) Gray
(B) Blue
(C) Brown
(D) Black
Ans – (A)

Q.24. Our groves were planted to console at ____
(A) Noontime
(B) Morning time
(C) Dinner time
(D) Bed time
Ans – (A)

बिहार बोर्ड मॉडल पेपर 2022

Q.25. What slides soft away ?
(A) Nature
(B) Beauty
(C) Wealth
(D) Time
Ans – (D)

Q.26. The polythene bag remains ____ within
(A) Melted
(B) Buried
(C) Lost
(D) Burnt
Ans – (B)

Q.27. Vidyapati’s poems recreate and reveal the world of ____
(A) Laila and Manju
(B) Heer and Ranjha
(C) Radha and Krishna
(D) Ram and Sita
Ans – (C)

Q.28. Periasamy Thooran won the Padma Bhushan and _____Award.
(A) Gyanpeeth
(B) Kalamamani
(C) Sahitya Akademi
(D) Iyal
Ans – (B)
10th Model Paper English
Q.29. What keeps the Koel ____ yet charred?
(A) Sad
(B) Happy
(C) Angry
(D) Fresh
Ans – (D)

Q.30. Like a bird, according to Laxmi Prasad Devkota, his heart is twittering ____
(A) Singing
(B) Jumping
(C) Painting
(D) Swinging
Ans – (C)

Q.31. The children while listening to Martha’s stories, sat on their _____
(A) Chin lolled
(B) Elbow lolled
(C) Eyes lolled
(D) Head lolled
Ans – (B)

Q.32. Jabra started barking when he heard the noise of some _____
(A) Cars
(B) Trucks
(C) Crowd
(D) Animals
Ans – (D)

Q.33. The narrator in ‘Love Defiled’, lived with his girlfriend for ____ years.
(A) Five
(B) Six
(C) Two
(D) Eight
Ans – (D)

Q.34. Premchand was a prolific writer of both Hindi and ____
(A) Urdu
(B) Bengali
(C) Tamil
(D) Bhojpuri
Ans – (A)
10th Model Paper English
Q.35. Rana S. P. Singh has written a number of articles on ____
(A) Medicinal plants
(B) Healthcare
(C) Pneumonia
(D) Diabetes
Ans – (B)

Q.36. The old banker had given a party ____ years ago ?
(A) 15 
(B) 16
(C) 17 
(D) 20
Ans – (A)

Q.37. _____ was John Galsworthy’s first important work.
(A) The Island Pharisees
(B) The Skin Game
(C) Strife
(D) Loyalties
Ans – (A)

Q.38. Katherine Mansfield’s stories followed in the foot steps of _____
(A) Anton Chekov
(B) John Galsworthy
(C) Jane Austen
(D) George Eliot
Ans – (A)

Q.39. I speak with prejudice, because I belong to the ____ of slow thinkers.
(A) Family
(B) Class
(C) School
(D) Tribe
Ans – (D)
10th Model Paper English
Q.40. The beloved was the narrator’s _____
(A) Bed side
(B) Over confidence
(C) Alter ego
(D) Confused side
Ans – (B)

Q.41. To whom does the author turn for enlightment about moves ?
(A) His brother
(B) His wife
(C) His sister
(D) His friend
Ans – (B)

Q.42. Alexander Pope is a poet of the early ____century.
(A) Sixteenth
(B) Seventeenth
(C) Eighteenth
(D) Nineteenth
Ans – (C)

Q.43. Leo Tolstoy’s story is about ____
(A) Two boys
(B) Three boys
(C) Two girls
(D) Three girls
Ans – (C)

Q.44. According to Toni Morrson, ‘”language should be living and _____
(A) Simple
(B) Vibrant
(C) Complex
(D) Dull
Ans – (B)

Q.45. Which word in ‘Me and the Ecology Bit’ is known as ‘fifth’ ?
(A) Garbage
(B) Compost
(C) Ecology
(D) Lawn
Ans – (A)

Q.46. I developed cold feet when it came to tying the knot with _____
(A) Saint
(B) Man
(C) Boy
(D) Girl
Ans – (B)

Q.47. ‘The Listener’ and ‘Arabia’ are written by ____
(A) Walter de la Mare
(B) T. S. Eliot
(C) William Blake
(D) John Keats
Ans – (A)

Q.48. Jabra looked ____ at the fire.
(A) Sadly
(B) Fearfully
(C) Angrily
(D) Happily
Ans – (B)

Q.49. The daughter wrote to her mother that she learned the mantra of loving____ from her ?
(A) Food
(B) Management
(C) Learning
(D) Pain and hardship.
Ans – (D)
10th Model Paper English | 10th Model Paper English
Q.50. The children in ‘Sun and Moon’ were marched off to the nursery to ____
(A) Sleep
(B) Play
(C) Get dressed
(D) Cat
Ans – (C)

Q.51. Active voice of : ‘By whom was it painted’ ? (A) Who painted it ?
(B) Was it painted by whom ?
(C) Who has painted it ?
(D) It was painted whom?
Ans – (A)

Q.52. Active voice of : Let this door be shut.
(A) You have shut this door.
(B) They shut the door.
(C) Shut this door.
(D) He can shut this door.
Ans – (C)

Q.53. Active voice of : ‘Butter is made from milk by us.”
(A) Butter made by us from milk.
(B) We make butter from milk.
(C) Butter is make with milk by us.
(D) From milk butter is made by us.
Ans – (B)
10th Model Paper English
Q.54. Active voice of : ‘I was shocked by the letter’.
(A) The shocked me with the letter
(B) The letter has shocked me.”
(C) I was shocked with the letter
(D) The letter shocked me.
Ans – (B)

Q.55. Passive Voice of : ‘Don’t touch the switch

(A) The switch don’t be touched.
(B) The switch must not be touched.
(C) The switch does not be touched.
(D) The switch need not be touched.
Ans – (C)

Q.56. Passive Voice of : ‘Someone is following us’.
(A) We are following by someone.
(B) We are followed by someone.
(C) We are being followed.
(D) We had been followed by someone.
Ans – (C)

Q.57. Direct speech of : ‘The boy said that he had not stolen the book’.
(A) The boy said, “I don’t steal the book”.
(B) The boys said, “I didn’t steal the book’,
(C) The boys said, “I haven’t stolen the book.
(D) The boy said, “I haven’t stolen the book”.
Ans – (B)

Q.58. Direct speech of : ‘The Principal told us to wait there till he returned’.
(A) The Principal told us, “Wait here till I return.”
(B) The Principal tells us, “Wait here till I returned.”
(C) The Principal ordered, “Wait till I returned here.”
(D) The Principal said, “Wait till I return.
Ans – (A)

Q.59. Direct speech of : “They said that they had lived there for a long time.”
(A) They say, “We live here for a long time.”
(B) They said, “We have lived here for a long time.”
(C) They says, “We may live here for a long time.”
(D) They told, “We can live here for a long time.”
Ans – (B)

Q.60. Indirect speech of : I said to my sister, “I bought you a doll yesterday.”
(A) I told my sister that I had bought her a doll the previous day.
(B) I told my sister that I had bought her a doll .
(C) I told my sister that I buy her a doll yesterday.
(D) I say my sister that I bought you a doll the previous day.
Ans – (A)

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